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Katie Conwell Muldoon is an Architect who's designs span multiple disciplines.  She has spent the past fifteen years dedicating most of her creative time to architecture and more recently has rediscovered her love for working with clay in her pursuit as a ceramist. She earned her Masters in Architecture from the University at Buffalo (where she and Mike met) and began working as an Architectural designer at a design firm near her hometown of Elmira, NY. In 2020 she became a licensed Architect and works independently out of her home designing additions and renovations for clients.  Katie recently dove back into her childhood passion of ceramics and created a pottery studio in her home where she sells her work in small batches.  She believes the functional art of ceramics influenced her to pursue architecture, and in turn, her experience in architecture is now informing her ceramic work. Her creativity takes on many forms and she is enjoying simultaneously exploring them all. 

Mike Muldoon is a designer with a broad range of experience in the building industry. Educated as an architect, he started his career inspecting skyscrapers in New York City before making the move upstate. He now works full time for a local construction company, managing multi-million dollar construction projects, and has intimate knowledge of every phase of construction. His furniture designs set out to reframe our understanding of the home environment and bring elegance to every day objects. His built-in work embraces the home's existing elements and constraints, while bringing a fresh take to each project. 

Katie and Mike find that working together is second nature. They enjoy testing out new designs on their own home renovation projects and collaborate in nearly all aspects of life. Their grandest designs to date are in the form of three young children they have the privilege of calling their own.